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The Complate Season 3


  1. Shawn and the Beanstalk pbs
  2. The Sword Who Lived In The Kingdom pbs
  3. If The Shoe Fits pbs
  4. We Use Our Eyes pbs
  5. Room For Everyonepbs
  6. The Music Video pbs
  7. I Can Be A Firefighter! pbs
  8. Famous Friends pbs
  9. Shopping For A Surprise! pbs
  10. The Great Robot Race pbs
  11. Any Way You Slice It pbs
  12. A Different Kind of Storybook pbs
  13. Twice Is Nice! pbs
  14. The Good Sports pbs
  15. Great Summer pbs
  16. On The Move pbs
  17. Treasure Hunt pbs
  18. A Welcome Home pbs
  19. Let's Play Exercise! pbs
  20. Classical Cleanup pbs
  21. Goes To Hollywood pbs
  22. Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends pbs
  23. Saves The Days pbs
  24. Gone Fishing! pbs
  25. Goes on a Field Trip pbs
  26. At Home With Animals pbs
  27. A Very Special Friend pbs
  28. It's Raining, It's Pouring...pbs
  29. My Friend The Post Man pbs
  30. Camera Safari pbs
  31. Mystery and The Balls pbs
  32. Who's Who's On The Choo-Choo?pbs
  33. Writes A Story pbs
  34. Are We There Yet?pbs
  35. A Teddy Bear Pinicpbs
  36. Safety Rules (Episode)pbs
  37. Ship, Ahoy!pbs
  38. Computers At The Radio Station pbs
  39. Hats Off To BJ!pbs
  40. Goes To The Doctorpbs
  41. Up We Go!pbs

Barney Doll Closing Shots 


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