Derek was a character played by Rickey Carter who debuted in the Backyard Gang video Waiting for Santa replacing Salim Grant who played Jason. He appeared in the later videos of the series, as well as in the first two seasons of Barney & Friends, and in Barney Live! In New York City.

About Derek

According to the episode, "Everyone is Special", Derek enjoys reading books and making jokes. However, he doesn't show this joking trait in the rest of series (this trait is commonly associated with Michael instead). He is also shown to have an interest in baseball, as seen in "Be a Friend" and "Grandparents Are Grand!"; according to "Grandparents are Grand", Derek's last name is Richards.


Derek's family consists of his Mother, Father, and supposedly two brothers; according to his family painting in "My Family's Just Right for Me". In addition, his Granddad Richards came for a visit in "Grandparents are Grand". He also had a pet goldfish named Angel, and dog named Fluffy.


In the Barney and the Backyard Gang videos he appeared in, Derek didn't wear glasses. It wasn't until the Season 1 episode "I Like To Eat Some Cookies" that he is seen wearing them for the first time. He even acknowledges the first time he got them in "May I Help You?".

Big Derek


  1. Waiting for Santa (first appearance)
  2. Campfire Sing-Along
  3. Barney Goes to School
  4. Barney in Concert
  5. Rock with Barney
  6. I Like To Eat Some Cookies
  7. My Family's Just Right For Me (Episode)
  8. It's Easy When We Do Our Work?
  9. Playing It Safe
  10. We Fly A My Kite!
  11. Ready Set Play!
  12. Can You Sing That Song
  13. The Treasure of Rainbow Beard
  14. Going Places!
  15. Caring Means Sharing
  16. Down On Barney's Farm
  17. What's That Shadow?
  18. Happy, Birthday Barney! (cameo)
  19. We're Having Some Lunch
  20. Alphabet Soup!
  21. Our Earth, Our Home
  22. I Can Be A Homebuilder
  23. You've Got To Be You!
  24. Be A Friend
  25. I Just Love Bugs!
  26. When I Grow Up
  27. Jungle Friends
  28. 12345 Senses!
  29. It's Nice Just To Be Me!
  30. Happy Valentine's Day!
  31. Hi, Neighbor!
  32. It's A Family Tradition
  33. A Splash, Party Please!
  34. Try and Try Again
  35. A World Of Music
  36. Doctor Barney Is Here!
  37. Mac and Cheese
  38. Read with Me, Dance with Me
  39. Hola, Mexico!
  40. The Frog On The Log
  41. Everyone Is Special
  42. Barney's Magical Musical Adventure
  43. Grandparents Are Grand!
  44. Having Fun With Arts & Crafts
  45. May I Help You?
  46. The Cooking Book
  47. Day of the Diesels
  48. Honk! Honk! A Goose On The Loose!
  49. Let's Go On Vacation
  50. Peter Rabbit
  51. I Can Do That!
  52. Makes The Team!
  53. Grown-Ups For A Day!
  54. Help Pretect The Earth
  55. Looking Around My Neighborhood!
  56. Look at Me, I'm Three!
  57. Lend A Helping Hand
  58. The Exercise Circus!
  59. The Rolling Rice Cakes
  60. The Dentist Makes Me Smile
  61. Stop, Look & Be Safe!
  62. Spring Shene-A-Anigans
  63. The Alphabet Zoo
  64. Once Upon a Dino Tale
  65. That's a Home to Me (episode) (final regular appearance)
  66. Barney Live! In New York City
  67. Imagination Island
  68. On The Move
  69. Goes To The Doctor (cameo)
  70. Telling The Truth (final appearance)

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